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Get your greens with Pukka Herbs’ Wellbeing Kit

Pukka Herbs’ new wellbeing kit, Clean Me Green, is designed to put a spring in your step and a sparkle in your eyes.

We are all familiar with feeling under par, especially after we’ve been overdoing it, eating too much, drinking too much and doing too much! When this occurs, we need to nourish and nurture ourselves to restore our natural balance.

Pukka Herbs’ Clean Me Green wellbeing kit brings together the power of organic plants in one easy-to-follow, two-week programme. The kit includes Pukka’s expertly blended Detox tea, Clean Matcha Green tea and their Clean Greens superblend powder that can boast high levels of iodine, which contributes to healthy skin and supports both thyroid function and thyroid hormone production. The Clean Me Green kit offers much-needed nourishment to start the New Year.

The programme includes: 
• A detailed 14 day cleansing guide
• Access to an exclusive online support programme with useful hints, tips and recipes to gently cleanse and nourish your body and mind 
• 14 sachets each of Clean Greens Superblend powder, Detox herbal tea and Clean Matcha Green tea.

This is the perfect toolkit to leave you feeling refreshed, renewed and ready to take on the world!

The Clean Me Green wellbeing kit has been expertly created using natural plant-based ingredients that are both gentle to bodies and support the digestive system and organs – enabling them to operate at an optimum level – ridding the body of unwanted toxins and inflammation.

Made using the highest quality organic herbs and spices that are Soil Association certified, the blends within the Clean Me Green kit include FairWild certified herbs, providing a guarantee that the herbs have been wild-harvested ethically and the farmers have been paid fairly for their work.

We have limited stock of these kits so pop in quick and grab yourself one or two.