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We were born with the ability to know when we need fuel and when we’ve had enough. There are lots of reasons we lose touch with this basic skill and many of us have a ‘love-hate’ relationship with food that gives rise to a disordered relationship with our bodies. With mindfulness and curiosity, awareness of hunger can feel natural again. Wendy Allenet-Simpson, of Labyrinth Centred, offers an 8-week course that shows you how to break habits, and especially, break out of ‘Eat, Repent, Repeat’.

What is the ‘Am I Hungry?’ course?

The ‘Am I Hungry?’ course is an 8-week comprehensive mindful eating course that guides you to reconnect with your physical signals to the awareness of when, what, and how much to eat without restrictive diet rules and will help you to recognize and cope with triggers that may be the root cause of your struggle with eating.  It will guide you into a better understanding of your relationship with food and give you tools and strategies that will bring you back to self-trust and a more satisfying way to eat and move your body with science-based research and medically sound practices – information is power!

Is the ‘Am I Hungry?’ course for you?

Continued dieting causes us to lose touch with ourselves and also affects our metabolism. This process helps you understand the obstacles and gets you back on track for healthier eating which becomes happier living too.

What you’ll learn

Learn how to eat what you love and love what you eat.  The answers have been within your reach the whole time, but you’ve been reaching out instead of reaching in.  There are wonderful tips and guides that are practical to help you make the changes back to the joy of eating.

How Wendy and Group work together

Do you feel like you are the only one that struggles in the way you do with food?  You must believe that you are not, and the group dynamic really helps you to feel less isolated.  Not only will you experience identification with others, but support is also a vital component of group work and the changes you will engage with.  Plus, it is fun, and laughter is guaranteed!

What does the course involve?

The Am I Hungry? Mindful eating course is 8 weekly workshops of 90 minutes each which gives you 12 hours of learning (and help).  Each workshop is broken into three parts:  psychological, nutritional and movement.

Wendy is in store on Thursday 13th and 20th December to chat to you about your relationship with food and the Am I Hungry Eating Course. If you want to book a time with Wendy in store or find out more information about the course, email her at