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Pukka Organic Wonder Berry Green

Wonder Berry Green uses 100% real berries, such as elderberries, rosehips and acerola with some blackcurrants. As well as contributing to a better taste, all these berries are packed full of antioxidants and are known to help boost immunity – the perfect cuppa for this time of year. Made using 12 immune-boosting fruits and herbs, Wonder Berry Green provides the ultimate antioxidant lift.

Whilst green tea does contain some caffeine it contains a lot less than coffee. But the primary reason that green tea is a better choice is thanks to its content of a natural substance called L-theanine, which is virtually unique to the tea plant. L-theanine has been found to have a relaxing effect on the mind, reduce anxiety, and help with focus and concentration.

This new addition to Pukka’s portfolio has been expertly blended by Co-founder and Master Herbsmith, Sebastian Pole. Sebastian comments. “We think that every cup of Pukka tea should not only do good, it should also taste good. That’s why Wonder Berry Green is made using some of the finest organic green tea around along with real fruits and herbs; the result is a delicious – some say ‘wonderful’, fruity and rooty blend.”

Healthy herbal ingredients:

Echinacea – Considered one of nature’s most effective remedies for protecting immunity.

Ginger root – A wonderfully warming spice, which helps improve digestion and increases circulation as well as tasting delicious.

Elderberry – A delicious immune tonic and cell protector famed for their anti-viral properties. Elderberry’s colourful purple pigments are packed with antioxidants.

Beetroot – Packed with earthy sweetness, beetroot is packed with iron, calcium, vitamin A and C and is very nutritious.

Acerola fruit – Packed with natural vitamin C, these rosy red berries are valued for their protective qualities.

Rosehip berry – a great source of natural vitamin C that helps boost the immune system. Rosehips also encourage a healthy inflammation response.

Green tea – A potent natural antioxidant that boosts metabolism and energy.