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Pukka Herbs have identified four key areas of health and wellbeing that can pose a challenge to us in our everyday lives and where herbal remedies can help. These include sleep, stress, seasonal wellness and focus. So they have introduced a new range of 7 Day Kits; Night Time, Relax, Seasonal Wellness and Turmeric Brainwave. 

The new 7 Day Kits contain both Pukka herbal teas and supplements that have been blended by the Pukka team of in-house herbal experts, using 100% organic, medicinal-grade herbs to naturally support you through a time when you need it most.

The natural ingredients used in their teas and supplements support and nourish the body by helping to address the root cause of the condition rather than just treating the symptoms, targeting specific wellbeing needs; from improving concentration and focus to calming an anxious mind, encouraging undisturbed sleep and protecting against seasonal infections.

Pukka have also teamed up with leading health and wellbeing specialists such as anxiety expert, Chloe Brotheridge and yoga teacher and author of Mind, Body, Bowl, Annie Clark, to bring you some digestible tips and practices to holistically support during the 7-day programme and beyond.

These tips are part of their 7-day wellbeing guides that come with each kit. Additional free tips specific to each kit can also be here.

Feel rested and refreshed with Night Time 7 Day Kit

Sweet dreams are made of a blend of organic sleepy herbs. Pukka Night Time tea with soothing lavender, lime flower and oat flower alongside their Night Time supplement, a concentrated formula of valerian and Ashwagandha.

Unwind with Relax 7 Day Kit

Modern life running away with you? Sit back, unwind and enjoy a tranquil blend of comforting chamomile and sweet marshmallow root, with the uplifting notes of fennel in Relax organic tea. Follow with the Wholistic Ashwagandha blend, known as the herb of modern life, this nourishing root has been used for centuries to moderate the body’s response to stress to help you relax.

Wholistic Ashwagandha is a natural formula to help nourish the mind and soothe the nervous system. The blend contains iodine which contributes to normal cognitive function and the normal functioning of the nervous system.

Stay well with Seasonal Wellness 7 Day Kit

Feeling a little under the weather? Can’t wait till spring? Curl up with a cup of delicious and comforting organic Elderberry & Echinacea tea. Enjoy the fruity flavours of ripe wild fruits: purple-black elderberries, inky blackcurrants, the fragrant elderflower and tingling notes of echinacea.

Top up with the powerful herbal supplement, Andrographis, to stay well during the changes of the season.

Bring clarity and focus to your week with Turmeric Brainwave 7 Day Kit

Harness the power of invigorating turmeric with a lively cup of Turmeric Gold. This joyous tea combines zesty lemon fruit, aromatic cardamom and whole leaf green tea expertly blended with the wonder root, turmeric.

Pair with the Turmeric Brainwave supplement to help cut through the noise of modern life, with two of Ayurveda’s supreme rejuvenators principal botanicals, Brahmi and Gotu Kola.

Turmeric Brainwave contains iodine which contributes to normal cognitive function and energy-yielding metabolism to inspire concentration and motivation and boost brainpower.

All the Pukka Wellbeing kits are now available in store.