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Pukka’s Tea Time Pledge

Did you know that 32 million litres of water are boiled every day in the UK only to go cold again? That’s a lot of time waiting for a kettle to boil when you could be using that time for you, not to mention the amount of electricity used.

Pukka has teamed up with Do Nation, a social enterprise inspiring people to make pledges towards more sustainable ways of living. Make the ‘Tea time’ pledge and commit to only boiling the water you need in your kettle for two months and see how many extra moments of calm you can create.

What’s more, Do Nation have worked out that collectively, UK tea drinkers could save nearly £1 million a day in electricity savings by only boiling what’s needed!

As a big Pukka thank you for joining their movement for a happier planet, when reaching the first 3,000 pledges, they will give back to the Soil Association’s Food for Life programme.

Food for Life teach kids about nature and how to grow and eat healthy food – their donation is a result of our pledges will supply ‘grow at home herbs kits’ for kids to apply their newly acquired knowledge at home.

So what’s not to love? More time for you and a healthier planet and herbs for children.