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Aloe Vera’s cooling and soothing properties make it fantastic for skin – but what could it do for your insides?

With Pukka’s Wholistic Aloe Vera Capsules, you can now include Aloe vera in your diet as well as your skincare routine. It has the same cooling and soothing effects internally as it does externally – so it’s great for easing digestive problems! It can also be really great to help cleanse the digestive system, particularly as a colon cleanse. And while it can’t cure IBS, these cooling and soothing properties can certainly help protect your irritated digestive tract!

We love Pukka’s Wholistic Aloe Vera capsules because they are so pure, using only organic aloe vera inner leaf juice, along with their Nutrigest complex which aids absorption. They’re also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.