Some mornings, breakfast needs to be quick and easy. Mindfuel porridge sachets are made with teff, an ancient, naturally gluten-free grain native to Ethiopia, to bring together a mild nutty flavour with a unique, smooth, yet hearty texture. Their porridge is packed with vitamins, minerals, fibre, and protein to help unlock your energy first thing in the morning!

The Posh Teff Porridges come in individual sachets/pouches for your convenience, so you can easily make one anywhere, just add hot water. We have topped ours with Wilde Oats Granola and Breakfast Spiced Apples for a grounding, warming and super filling bowl of goodness.

Certified organic ingredients: Teff flakes, dried nectar of coconut palm tree blossom, cacao powder, cayenne pepper, sea salt.

Now available on the shelves behind our counter, just ask one of us if you can’t find them.


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