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Tasty, tasteful and bottled to the highest standards in world-class facilities, No1 Rosemary Water is imbued with the anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, anti-carcinogenic and memory-boosting properties of its namesake ingredient – including naturally-forming, joint-reinforcing glucosamine.

In Acciaroli, more than one in 10 residents live longer than their hundredth birthdays. They do so while enjoying a lifestyle that many would consider unhealthy: they drink, they smoke, and they indulge their every pleasure. So, what’s their secret? According to several scientists, the key variable may be fresh rosemary – a ‘superherb’ with a number of longevity and health-boosting properties.

The town’s story fascinated entrepreneur David and his wife Bonita. Inspired by the town and its fun-loving, long-living residents, they launched No1 Rosemary Water – the world’s first pure rosemary extract drink. It’s a tribute to the health, hardiness, and longevity of Acciaroli’s villagers. It’s refreshing and revivifying – subtle and powerful at once.

No1 Rosemary Water comes in sparkling and still varieties in a distinctive white glass bottle. Each bottle sports the company’s semi tongue-in-cheek motto: A drink to remember.

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