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Stressed and have low libido, read on how Ashwaganhda can help…

Pukka’s Wholistic Ashwagandha is a natural formula to nourish the mind and relax the nervous system.

As busy modern living puts increasing pressure on the mind, it can leave us feeling tense, overwhelmed and in need of some recuperation. Ashwagandha, the herb of modern life, is one of Ayurveda’s most prized adaptogenic herbs; it is known as ‘rasayana’ meaning rejuvenate. It has been used for centuries to moderate the body’s response to stress, bringing both energy and inner calm. By nourishing a worried mind and relaxing the nervous system, the body is rebalanced and ready to tackle life’s challenges.

According to an observational study of 218 respondents taking 2 capsules of Pukka’s Ashwagandha twice a day for one month proved to provide a:

• 69% improvement in sleep quality
• 45% improvement on impact of stress on social activities
• 18% increase in energy levels

Ashwagandha is also known as the sexy supplement! A medical study showed that women who took a daily dose of ashwagandha over a month saw significant improvements in achieving orgasm and sexual arousal.

Pukka Herbs’ Senior Herbal Advisor, Katie Pande said: ‘Ashwagandha can be taken to help improve libido. Its additional benefits of helping us adapt to physical stress and relax without feeling exhausted could explain why it helps women achieve orgasm. Unlike certain herbal tonics, ashwagandha can be taken safely with contraceptive pills, which for some women can be a factor associated with low libido levels.’

We have Pukka’s Wholistic Ashwagandha in store now – 30 capsule or 60 capsule bottles.