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The Power of Plants

In 1948, Dr Helene Dünner turned her love of plants into a family business that still operates from her home in the Swiss Alps. Dr. Dünner harnesses the healing properties of organic plants and combines them by hand to create optimal blends that support us in our daily lives, which they call Phytovitality – a fresh approach to natural health.

Just two of Dr. Dunner products that are proving to be big hits:

Dr. Dünner PhytoVitality Devils Claw, Checkerberry and Rosemary gel

For centuries Devil’s Claw is believed to have beneficial effects on our mobility. This gel massages easily into joints and muscles, is quickly absorbed and leaves no residue. It is blended with valuable essential oils including rosemary and checkerberry, known to stimulate blood circulation in the skin. The menthol firstly cools then warms, calms and relaxes the skin.

Dr. Dünner PhytoVitality Liquid Linden Blossom, Elderflower and Thyme with Vitamin C

Linden Blossom is harvested when it first flowers to retain its potency and combined with Elderflower, Thyme and Vitamin C, it contributes to normal functioning of the immune system. The Dr. Dunner orchards create an important habitat for endangered bird species, so you’ll be protecting bird life while your immunity protects you.