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What we learnt at Pukka Herbs 15th birthday

We are feeling truly privileged to have been part of Pukka Herbs’ 15th birthday celebrations in Bristol. To be surrounded by such inspiration, beauty, education, change-makers, do-gooders, delicious tea and food, music and like-minded people was enlightening!

Pukka’s desire from the very beginning, was to create a healthier, happier world in which people are inspired to discover more about themselves and our beautiful planet, through the incredible power of organic herbs.

Their wisdom seeds that have guided them from the beginning of their Pukka journey are:

• Truth – everything they do should have integrity and to keep true to themselves and each other

• Purity – being clean and open about they do

• Respect – being passionate with all they connect to

• Effort – inspiring themselves and others to create a better world

People travelled from all over the world to be part of the special event and were all treated, from numerous enthusiastic members of the Pukka team, fascinating stories on how Pukka connects people, plants and the planet – more of which we intend to share over the coming weeks. How they intend to keep improving and their exciting plans for the future.

Pukka is proof that small changes can make massive and positive changes! Spread the Pukka Love, we certainly are!

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