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CannabiGold Intense 30% is CBD hemp oil of the highest quality, extracted from hemp plants by using CO2 extraction. This ensures the product’s purity while making sure that you will enjoy the phytocannabinoids that naturally occur in the hemp plant. Now available in store, read more.

CannabiGold is a team of hemp enthusiasts and individuals who are involved in the development of hemp science, hemp production and processing, and who supply carefully selected hemp products from trusted and thoroughly tested producers who guarantee the ‘From Seed to Seal Quality’.

Benefits of using this product:

• The product is free of solvents in a proportion of 100%, so it is entirely safe and pure, due to the top-notch CO2 extraction process.

• It is completely legal to use CannabiGold Intense, even if cannabis is considered illegal in your state or country, as it is extracted from fibrous hemp and has a concentration of THC of only 0.2%, which is considered legal.

• The product is obtained by closely supervising the development stages of the hemp plant, starting with choosing the right seeds, and using special equipment dedicated to this procedure alone.

• The product contains only neutral CBD in its purest form and CBDA, which is the acid form, being a balanced source for these plant-based components.

• Glass polymer is the chosen material for the manufacturing of packaging in which the CBD oil will be delivered to you; this material is durable and will guarantee the safekeeping of the product while enabling you to enjoy a precise dose each time.

• You will find it easy and pleasant to use the CannabiGold oil, even if you never used such supplements before, due to the mild flavour of the product and highly smooth consistency.

• The hemp plants used for the production of this product are grown in a safe and eco-friendly environment, without the use of fertilisers and other chemical treatments.

• Every single batch of CBD hemp oil is subjected to a series of tests and analysis in the laboratory, to check, once again, the purity and safety of the product. The plants are also tested periodically, during their development and flowering stages, to eliminate the risks of any contaminants getting into the plants from the soil and, later on, in the final product.

• The purpose of the laboratory tests is to find if there are any pesticides, heavy metals, and other harmful substances in the extracted CBD oil. The main goal is to provide a clean and pure product, from a microbiological and quality point of view.

Recommended daily dose: 4 drops sublingually (under the tongue), taken twice a day.