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Dr. Hauschka has just launched three new Day Lotions to their daycare product range to help revitalise and revive your skin. Whatever skin type you might have, be that sensitive, oily, dehydrated or a mixture of everything, these lotions provide the perfect way to harness the power of natural, certified organic ingredients in your skincare routine.

Which one is in sync with your skin?
Revitalising Day Lotion uses the flower power of St. John’s wort and apricot to combat dehydration and impart a lasting glow on the skin.
Soothing Day Lotion calls on the power of the rose and cocoa butter to bring peace and calm to sensitive, reddened complexions.
Balancing Day Lotion is a saviour for unsettled, combination skin. Composed with Anthyllis and nasturtium, its refreshing formula balances oiliness and rehydrates dry areas.
All three combine light textures with lasting hydration to perfectly prime skin for the next step in your beauty routine and are in store now.