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We usually associate elderflowers, now growing in abundance, with sweet cordial, sparkling summer drinks and desserts. But they actually can relieve hay fever and clear catarrh, enhance immunity and cleanse the system.

Elderflower has been used in traditional medicine all over the world in many different cultures due to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. The most common uses are for colds and flu, sinus infections, and other respiratory disturbances.

As a supplement, elderflower has diuretic and laxative properties and is helpful in relieving occasional constipation. It has antibacterial and antiviral properties and may also help alleviate some allergies and boost the functioning of the immune system. Topically, elderflower might help reduce pain and swelling in joints due to some forms of arthritis and is used to stop bleeding. As an oral rinse, it can be used for its antiseptic properties as a mouthwash and gargle. Elderflower also reduces blood sugar levels, very similar to the way insulin works.

We sell a selection of elderflower supplements to improve your immune system. Have a look at this delicious homemade refined sugar-free elderflower cordial recipe here – get picking it on your walks now.