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How do you boost your immunity? 

As we progress more into the winter months a big issue we have on our minds is, will our immune system get us through it? A large proportion of health issues are rooted within our immune system and are a result of a deficiency or imbalance, directly or indirectly affecting the health and wellbeing of the rest of our body.

Here are some ingredients your immune system loves: 

Andrographis: A very traditional Ayurvedic herb, with a distinctive and strong bitter taste. It has the ability to reduce the severity and duration of an infection. Needless to say, no infection will last long in the presence of Andrographis.

Echinacea: A classic and very traditional remedy for the immune system. It’s particularly effective where individuals have become ‘run-down’ as a result of stress or over-work. The classic scenario being that we become ill as soon as we start to relax. Echinacea will support and gradually strengthen a weakened immune system.

Elderberries: Bursting with brightly coloured pigments that act as natural antioxidants and are a natural source of vitamin C. Elderberries have also demonstrated the ability to deactivate 10 strains of the flu virus.

Medicinal mushrooms:  All medicinal mushrooms contain a constituent known as beta-glucan that supports the immune system. Mushrooms are also adaptogenic and will stimulate where there is deficiency and calm where there is over-activity.

Tulsi (Holy Basil): In Ayurveda, tulsi is used in meditative practices to bring a sense of mental clarity. The perfect herbs for dispelling the winter blues, especially if you are suffering with a bout of cold or flu. It’s packed with natural essential oils that can help clear congestion.

We sell a wide selection of herbs in a variety of remedies that will suit everyone.

For an organic blend of nature’s finest immune boosting plants try Pukka Herbs’ Elderberry & Echinacea tea, Pukka Elderberry Syrup or Pukka Mushroom Gold capsules.