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Improve your health with meditation

Meditation is a buzzword that we now hear and see everywhere and it is not be overlooked or judged as the latest fad supported by celebrities. With the hectic pace and demands of modern life, many people feel stressed and over-worked. This can make us unhappy, anxious, impatient and frustrated which can affect our health. We are often so busy we feel there is no time to stop and breathe let alone meditate, but meditation actually gives you more time by making your mind calmer and more focused.

Meditation has proven health benefits and has been shown to reduce addictive behaviour and improve your relationships with both yourself and others. Many of us struggle to find the time or motivation to meditate, but this need not be the case as you can learn to meditate anywhere and in any situation by focusing on the breath. It also helps us to understand our own mind and how to transform our mind from negative to positive, from disturbed to peaceful, from unhappy to happy.

Where do you start though? Wendy Allenet-Simpson of Labyrinth Centred offers meditation courses that demonstrate, in an enhancing way, that there is space to pause in all our lives. She proves that even 3 minutes of practice can have a huge benefit to find inner peace and balance.

You’ll benefit from feeling happier, improved concentration, better stress management and improved sleep. Wendy offers an 8-week course, drop-in sessions and an ongoing meet up group in town and St Brelade. For more information look at www.labyrinthcentred.com or email Wendy at wendy@labyrinthcentred.com



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