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Find a Little Moment of Calm in Your Day

When it comes to health, relaxing is just as important as exercising. If you work long hours, look after your family, and fit in regular exercise, then you need to make time to rest your body and, more importantly, calm your mind to keep yourself in balance – a healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body.

It is all about getting your priorities right and booking in even 10 minutes (longer if you can) in your busy day to just sit (or lie) and relax, meditate, breathe deeply or practice a few yoga poses, which will make a massive difference to your mental wellbeing. Taking time to re-balance and rest helps to take your mind and body out of the flight-or-fight-mode and put them into rest-and-digest-mode which allows you to be more present. 

There are plenty of guided mediations and breathing exercises, as well as yoga videos, that you can find to suit your needs best, then you just need to commit to a daily practice. When you look after yourself you are better equipped to look after and deal with others and your day becomes much more enjoyable. Start practising now and be present.