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A blend for every mood, which one will you choose today?

Heath & Heather are celebrating that all their herbal teas are now 100% organic with newly designed packaging, and we love it!

Heath & Heather was first established in 1920 and has always set a high-quality precedence by creating teas that lift, soothe and refresh you. Unlocking medicinal benefits of herbs that enhance both health and happiness.

Today Heath & Heather still has a strong heritage as herbal specialists and are committed to developing a range of fruit and herbal infusions using only the finest natural ingredients. Each one is carefully selected by a team of experts and widely regarded for their traditional therapeutic properties, helping to support a natural, healthy lifestyle.

Each product range includes a wide variety of infusions, which range from those with antioxidant properties such as the green teas to relaxing infusions such as Camomile and Night Time blends.

What tea are you in the mood for today? Pop in, we have every flavour possible to tempt you and your taste buds.