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DIY natural body scrub

If your skin is dry and flaky, it tends to be at this time of year, we recommend you make Wellness with Mamma Jones’ Natural Body Scrub, it will make you feel invigorated, creative and save you money. Your skin will thank you for it too as will it feel so soft and deeply moisturised and then you will be thanking us!

Mamma Jones’ Natural Body Scrub recipe:

• 4 tbsp brown sugar – natural chemical-free grain that scrubs and removes dead skin cells
• 3 tbsp coconut oil – room temperature – anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory
• 4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil – high in nourishing vitamins

• 1 tsp cinnamon powder or freshly ground black pepper – both boost circulation and are great for cellulite
• 1 tsp honey for extra moisture

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl and store in a glass jar, honestly, it is as easy as that and takes minutes. Use before a bath or shower by gently rubbing on the skin, avoid sensitive skin and do not use on your face as too harsh. As long as there is a layer of oil covering the scrub, it will last for a couple of months.