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Are you low in mood and not feeling yourself?

Thank goodness spring is here which brings with it a new energy, something a lot of us have been lacking in. January and February have been hard months to get through with colds and viruses – not to mention the flu – that seem to linger for weeks. As a result, many people have been left feeling low in mood, detached, fatigued and agitated.

If you are feeling like this and are unsure what direction to go in to help yourself then we suggest booking an appointment with John Way, a Wellness Practitioner. John uses a holistic approach to health; he looks at your body as a system of health and function. His aim is not to departmentalise the body but instead use a whole approach to getting you feeling healthier and happier from the inside, out.

John’s philosophy is: ‘The art of being well is about finding balance in all areas of your life. Unlike conventional medicine, which tends to only treat the problem and not the cause, a holistic approach considers all aspects of you, getting to the root of the problem in order to build.’

To book a consultation with John please visit his website where you will find his online diary and more information to the services he offers.