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Does your day-to-day beauty products contain microbeads? We hope not!

Are you aware of the effect microbeads in your some of your beauty products have on the environment? These tiny pieces of plastic are often used as exfoliants in a range of cleansers, face scrubs and toothpastes, and concern is mounting over the impact these microbeads (which are designed to wash down the drain but are not biodegradable) could be having on marine wildlife, which eventually end up in the food chain all the way to our dinner plates. They are now banned in the USA and hopefully UK and Europe will follow suit, and soon!

We sell a large range of beauty products that are microbead free so you can play your part in helping the environment, and ultimately yourself from the harms of these nasty plastic beads such as:

REN’s Micro Polish Cleanser and Green People’s Fruit Scrub Exfoliator both use natural microbeads of amber powder that buff away dead skin cells and polish the skin’s surface to reveal brighter, healthy and radiant skin. Jason’s Apricot Scrubble is a gentle formula which exfoliates with the special cleansing action of apricot kernels, with the added soothing care of aloe vera gel and jojoba, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and glowing.

We also sell a wide range of toothpastes which are full of natural ingredients that clean your teeth and refresh your mouth, leaving them looking and feeling sparkling and fresh.