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Our Nutritional Therapist’s tips for the festive season

Liz Sheehan, our in-house Nutritional Therapist, recommends taking Milk Thistle (an antioxidant) now to protect your liver through the indulgent season – take care if you are on any prescription medications.

We all want to know how to help a hangover and Liz suggests Solgar VM75 for a good dose of vitamin Bs and Zinc, along with Nutri Advanced Magnesium Glycinate and Pukka’s vitamin C, as these are the main nutrients depleted from alcohol and your body has to work twice as hard to process it, leaving you feeling fatigued.

Get more sleep on the nights you are not out so that your body can rest and repair. Too many late nights weakens the immune system – you don’t want to be sick as well as hung-over!

Balance your blood sugars so you are not tempted by sweet treats in the morning. Start your day with a breakfast packed with protein, fibre and healthy fats.

Drink lots of detox teas, we have lots to choose from with brands such as Tick Tock, Tea Huggers, Pukka and Dr Stuarts.

And of course, drink lots of water! It is also good to hydrate the skin with a good moisturiser. For the ultimate skin boost, we recommend REN’s Flash Hydro-Boost & Radiance Renewal Mask – a water-charging hydration booster designed to work in harmony with the skin, to prevent the ageing effects of dehydration.

Pace yourself, have fun, drink LOTS of water, recharge when you can, and Merry Christmas.