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Now that we are well and truly into autumn, tans are fading, mornings are darker and days are shorter and cooler. The change in season is not just about pulling your winter clothes out but thinking about protecting yourself against bugs and viruses, including the common cold. Now is the time to start taking extra vitamins and supplements to build up your immune system to keep you glowing and healthy throughout the winter months.

Is it also the time to start to slow down, to take life at a slower pace as this can help with keeping your health at its ultimate best. It is not an excuse to stop moving though, it is about adapting your exercise – indoor yoga classes, swimming followed by a sauna or steam, joining a gym or finding a dance class – and making the most of the crisp sunny days when you can go for a brisk walk or run.

A change in season is not to be looked at negatively – shorter days and longer nights are the perfect excuses to take the time to really look after yourself. Indulge in hot baths, movies and early nights – it is time to recharge your batteries, the seasons happen for important reasons.

If you are unsure what you should be taking for optimum health then pop in to see our in-house nutritional therapist, Liz Sheehan, who will guide you on your individual needs. Liz is in store every Friday from 12pm to 2.30pm.