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The essential happy vitamin

Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins we can supplement due to the fact that it is virtually impossible to eat your way out of deficiency. The vast majority of the vitamin D our bodies require is produced by our skins unprotected exposure to the sun.

Essential for ensuring calcium enters the bone, it helps to strengthen teeth and bones and also ensures a robust immune system protecting the body from the common cold to a growing list of auto-immune diseases.

Our increasingly internal existence and suncare regime have meant that the UK Department of Health has recommended that everyone living in the UK should take a vitamin D supplement from October to April.

You can also get Vitamin D in small amounts from foods such as:

 • Mushrooms

• Whitebait

• Eggs

• Herring

• Mackerel

• Sardines

• Tuna

• Fortified dairy, cereals and juices

For a quick and easy dose of vitamin D, the BetterYou range of DLux vitamin D oral sprays delivers straight to the soft tissue within the mouth, providing a guaranteed and superior supplementation to traditional tablets and capsules. With a range of dosage strengths for the entire family and using natural ingredients and flavourings, BetterYou’s DLux vitamin D oral sprays offer an easy alternative – available now in store.