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Olive Leaf Extract

Now really is the time to start taking a daily dose of Comvita Fresh-Picked Olive Leaf Extract as it can support and maintain a healthy immune system, and help provide relief from the symptoms of the common cold, sore throats and coughs.

It is a natural source of health made from fresh olive leaves and contains 30 times more antioxidants than the equivalent amount of the best extra virgin olive oils, and five times the antioxidant activity of an equivalent amount of Vitamin C. Also, the high level of polyphenols helps to maintain cardiovascular health, support normal blood pressure and maintain normal cholesterol levels.

Benefits of taking olive leaf extract include:

• Treating colds, viruses and flu

• Candida infections

• Stabilises blood sugar levels

• Skin problems – eczema and psoriasis

• Chronic fatigue

• Dental & Ear infections

• Diminished cravings

• Less pain from haemorrhoids

Eases achy joints and many more health benefits.

We sell a variety of Comvita Olive Leaf Extracts, available in a variety of flavours and formulas, that will suit your lifestyle and your family.

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