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The power of Dead Sea Spa Magik

Dead Sea Spa Magik products have been available all over the world as home spa treatments for almost 40 years. They are a UK brand that produces natural mineral skin, body, hair and sun care remedies to pamper, hydrate and soothe the body. The main ingredient is Harmonised Water that deeply nourishes the skin and achieves instant hydration results – it is effective on the driest of skins. All their products combine the ultimate in natural, mineral and organic elements to provide instant results for the most common skin complaints.

The word ‘spa’ stands for ‘Sanitas Per Aquam’, which means healing through water. The minerals found in natural water offer healing properties but unfortunately, visiting a spa on a regular basis is a luxury that few of us can afford. However, this is where Dead Sea Spa Magik can help – the products are designed to alleviate troublesome skin conditions and provide you with a taste of pure spa relaxation.

We sell a wide range of Dead Sea Spa Magik products and we have listed just three of our can’t-live-without favourites:

• Dead Sea Salts are naturally anti-septic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. They contain natural minerals, a combination of bromides, potassium and magnesium to alleviate dry skin and relax the body. A salt bath makes for a relaxing, healing and heavenly soak and will help to wash away your tensions, aches and pains. Dead Sea Salts are also a natural exfoliator, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth. A salt bath is especially beneficial for acne, eczema and psoriasis sufferers.

• Dead Sea Spa Magik Gentle Cleansing Facial Wash contains a special blend of natural ingredients that gently cleanse the skin and fight bacteria. The rich lather penetrates and removes deep-seated impurities. It should be used daily to prevent the appearance of blemishes, spots and blackheads. Suitable for all skin types.

The award-winning Dead Sea Spa Magik Beauty Balm is a deeply moisturising face cream with a light coverage to help even out skin tone and hide imperfections. Packed with skin loving minerals, Vitamin C, to help produce collagen, and Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that repairs and protects. This Beauty Balm BB Cream promotes a flawless complexion and prevents the need for numerous separate products. It can be used as a foundation or primer, with sheer long-lasting coverage. It also contains SPF15 to protect the skin from sun damage and is perfect for this time of year.