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Treat your face to a Konjac Sponge, it deserves it…

If you have not heard about or experienced The Konjac Sponge, well, you are seriously missing out! It is nature’s answer to powerful and effective premium skin cleansing.

Konjac is reputed for its health giving properties, used by the Japanese for over 1500 years, having originally started out as a medicine in the sixth century. The Konjac potato or Konnyaku is a perennial plant native to Asia and can be found growing wild at very high altitudes. A totally natural food source, Konjac is 97% water and rich in mineral goodness. The plant is naturally alkaline, which leaves skin perfectly balanced.

The unique net like structure of the sponge gently massages the skin and stimulates blood flow and new growth of skin cells. Leaving the skin extremely clean and refreshed, naturally! No need for additional cleansers or soaps unless you really want. Should you choose to use additional cleansers or soap, you can use a fraction of your usual amount, as the sponge will generate more bubbles and spread the cleanser further than usual. Better for your skin, better for the environment and your finances!

BENEFITS, as you can see there are quite a few:

• Soft and gentle

• Deeply cleanses and refreshes

• Gently exfoliates

• Ideal for sensitive skins

• Naturally ph balanced

• Perfect for removing make-up

• Suitable for all ages

• 100% natural vegetable fibre

• Packed with minerals and antioxidants

• Non-toxic

• 100% free from impurities and pollutants

• Earth-friendly

• 100% Cruelty-free and Certified Vegan

• Naturally sustainable

• Environmentally safe

• Kind to the environment and skin

• 100% colouring-free

• 100% additive-free

• 100% biodegradable

Investing in a Konjac Sponge, you are not only looking after your skin in the best possible way but the environment too.