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We have gone gooey over MooGoo

We are udderly delighted to now be stockists of MooGoo. The company hails from Australia and was founded when they recognised that the moisturising udder cream (yes there is such a cream!) used on cows in Australian dairy farms also had a wondrous skin soothing effect on the humans applying it. A lighter and non-greasy version for humans was developed and MooGoo was born.

They are a company that focus on producing natural and gentle products for children and adults utilising natural plant oils and extracts, free from harmful chemicals that are often used to enhance the scent – they are proud to show and talk about all the ingredients they use.

MooGoo specialise in providing solutions for a variety of skincare problems such as dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, acne, dermatitis and more – they pretty much have a product for all skin and hair care needs.

Their range of products is constantly expanding, so are the amount of fans, as these products have proven results. What we also like about these products is that they are not expensive, prices start from just £4.40.

We have a good selection of MooGoo products on our selves now, even a self-tan lotion called How Now Brown Cow which is the ideal way to get those milky white legs looking acceptable the safe way, so pop in and see for yourself how udderly gorgeous they all are.