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Cheerful breakfast cereal

We could all do with being cheered up on these dark and cold mornings. We also all know, well we should, that starting your day the right way is so important. Even if you are in a rush, you should always try and squeeze in breakfast. A small bowl of Superfoodie’s raw chia breakfast cereal is something that you will simply jump out of bed to eat – even on these miserable mornings – as it is not only super delicious but jam-packed full of goodness.

Here is the low down:

A cheerful breakfast mix made from chia seeds and coconut, and flavoured with raw cacao and sweet vanilla. Just add water or your preferred choice of milk and it’s ready to eat.

Product benefits:

•  Crammed with delicious chia seeds and coconut

•  Flavoured with raw cacao and sweet vanilla

•  The chia seeds contain 4 grams of omega 3 and 30% of your RDA of magnesium, per 30-gram serving of breakfast mix.

The almonds are activated by first soaking in water and then drying at 45 degrees

Raw cacao contains both magnesium and theobromine (45mg per serving) – you simply have to Google the latter! And one serving contains 3.7 mg of omega 3 and 47 mg of magnesium (41% RDA)

Nutritious, certified organic, vegan and raw

Dried and processed at low temperatures

Totally pure and free from fillers and any other additives

Contains no soy, dairy products, artificial additives, refined sugars or genetically modified (GMO) ingredients

Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and raw foods enthusiasts

Ingredients: oat flakes*, dried coconut fine flakes*, chia seeds* (9.9%), dried pineapple pieces*, almonds*, cacao powder* (7.0%), coconut sugar*, vanilla powder* (0.4%).
*denotes organic
For allergens see the ingredients in bold. The oat flakes used in this product may contain traces of gluten from other cereal crops.

After reading this we are sure you will be stocking up on you new fav cereal, we will be too!