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We all know that we shouldn’t have too much sun exposure and that we must wear sunscreen, but the best of us get can get caught out.

We have listed a few natural ingredients, some you would never think to use, that can heal your sunburn.


The gel from inside this cactus plant eases discomfort, speeds healing and moisturizes skin. Either split a plant leaf and apply the sap directly to the skin or buy pure aloe vera gel – you receive a free gel with every purchase of sunscreen by Alba, Jasons or Aloe Pura from us whilst stock last.


Honey has been used as a topical burn salve since Egyptian days. Studies suggest it may work better than some antibiotic creams for speeding up healing, reducing infection and minimising pain.


Witch hazel tightens skin and is protective against skin cancer, melanoma and other damage caused by UV light because of its protective polyphenols and tannin antioxidants. These inhibit the proliferation of melanoma cells and help protect healthy skin cells into older age. Wet a washcloth or cotton gauze with this anti-inflammatory astringent and apply to the skin three or four times a day for 20 minutes to minimise pain and itching.


Strawberries are not only rich in Vitamin C, but they also contain tannins which soothe and reduce the sting of sunburnt skin. Try mashing up a few ripened strawberries and slathering on your sunburn as a form of natural relief. Leave for a few minutes and then rinse to see the results.


Just like strawberries, cucumbers can help cool affected areas, but they can also help ease the pain of sunburn. Use cold cucumbers to maximise its cooling benefits. Try mashing or liquidising cucumbers to form a paste before covering the affected area and leave it on the skin until it stops feeling cold. You should then wash it off with cold water but be careful not to rub it as this could irritate the burn.


Castor Oil has a myriad of health benefits, which includes its fantastic calming and soothing effects on sunburn due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It will cool it down and rehydrate the skin and is a great way to combat the pain and soreness that comes with sunburn and can also help reduce the formation of burn-induced blisters.


Lavender oil is a great go-to for sunburnt skin, as it has the power to reduce the sting of burns and reduce redness. This is because of its antimicrobial properties, which make it a great way to speed up healing and allow the skin to recover faster. The soothing properties also make lavender oil a great pain-reliever for sunburn.


Having a cool bath is another great choice if you are suffering from sunburn, but make sure it is not too cold. To maximise the effects of your bath on your sunburn, add a cup of apple cider vinegar and a few drops of camomile essential oil. The apple cider vinegar will help restore the natural ph. of the skin, aiding and promoting healing.


Just like cold compresses which are soaked in water, tea bags also successfully mitigate the effects of sunburn, particularly Green Tea, as it contains Tannic acid which offers anti-inflammatory properties and drastically reduces the effects of sunburn. Prepare the tea as you normally would, letting it cool, and then dabbing your burn with the tea bag, which should soothe skin.