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You may have heard of a new condition, Nature Deficit Disorder, which is being used to describe the result of 90% of the UK population now living in urban areas. Both green and blue, colours which dominate in the natural world, have been scientifically proven to be of great benefit to our wellbeing.

Living on our beautiful island, we are lucky to encounter these dominate colours on a daily basis. We are also very fortunate to be surrounded by the sea, something more of us should be taking advantage of as the benefits are endless. Seawater can be a natural drug and medicinal as it stimulates our body and promotes the feeling of wellbeing, something surfers know very well.

Whether you suffer from depression or battle with bouts of anxiety, research suggests that cold water swimming could help boost your mood and mental health. It’s thought that immersing yourself in cold water not only increases your heart rate and blood pressure but also encourages your body’s stress response. Take the plunge and reap the benefits.