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What flour did you use to make your pancakes with this week? Did you know that spelt flour is easier to digest and easier on the environment as it is resistant to the pests that attack wheat and therefore easier to grow organically? But if you want to know what else it can do for you and your body please read our 8 Benefits of Spelt Flour here.

It’s believed that spelt flour was first used between 7,000 and 8,000 years ago, making it one of the oldest cultivated crops in human history. Spelt flour, also known as dinkel wheat or hulled wheat, is a grain or cereal closely related to wheat.

Spelt flour has a nutty and slightly sweet flavour, similar to that of whole wheat flour. More and more people are dealing with gluten sensitivities, spelt offers an alternative to wheat flour. Although it does contain gluten, it seems to be tolerated more easily than wheat.

•1 Aids Circulation

The copper and iron present in spelt flour allow it to aid blood circulation. Iron helps transport oxygen throughout the blood.

• 2 Builds Strong Bones

With a large range of essential minerals (like Calcium and Phosphorus) that strengthen the bones, spelt is a natural choice for boosting bone health.

• 3 Boosts Immune System

The vitamins and minerals (such as Thiamine) in spelt flour help to boost the immune system and reduce inflammation.

• 4 Aids Digestive Function

Consuming a high-fibre diet is very important for digestion, and spelt flour provides this. Fibre contains zero calories as we humans can’t digest it.

• 5 Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

Due to its high fibre content, spelt flour helps regulate the amount of glucose and insulin that’s released in the body.

• 6 High Source of Manganese

130g of cooked spelt flour has over 100 per cent the daily recommended value of manganese – an important trace mineral that’s needed for nutrient absorption and production of digestive enzymes.

• 7 High Source of Niacin

Niacin is important for maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system and metabolism. It also helps with brain function, healthy skin formation, and preventing diabetes.

• 8 Decreases Cholesterol

Not only does the dietary fibre present in spelt flour help with digestion, but it also helps the body lower cholesterol levels naturally.

We stock a wide selection of organic flours to suit diet requirements and tastes.