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What is the difference between ‘Activated’ Charcoal and regular charcoal?
Activated charcoal is coal or hardwood that has been heated to around 1000 centigrade, treated with oxygen or an agent and then allowed to cool. This results in highly porous charcoal with a very large surface area which works by removing toxins in water and is in fact one of the best and oldest known ways to purify water. Regular ie. BBQ coal is not porous and usually has chemicals added to it which if added to water will leach into it doing the opposite to activated charcoal.

How does it filter impurities?
Activated charcoal is covered in tiny little cavities which attract impure negative ions like chlorine and binds them to the charcoal, leaving the water filtered. Just 1 gram of charcoal has enough surface area to cover one-tenth the size of a football field. Activated charcoal doesn’t just remove impurities, it’s able to release minerals like magnesium potassium back into the water.

What amount of water can be filtered with a charcoal stick?
You can filter about 1.1L of water for 3 months if you want to use your bottle daily. Just add more charcoal sticks if your container or jug is larger.

How long does a charcoal stick last?
If used daily to filter 1.1L of water, each stick will last about 3 months – however, it’s important to pay attention to the taste of the water as it lasts as long as you notice the change in the flavour of your water. After 3 months, you can “recharge” your charcoal stick by placing it in a pot of boiling water for 10 minutes. This releases all the impurities it’s gathered over the past 3 months, leaving it ready to filter again.

What should I do with my charcoal stick when it’s done?
There are many secondary uses! It removes bad smells if added to cat litter trays or nappy bins, it removes moisture from the air if you add it to your wardrobe or drawers, and adds nutrients to the soil if you pop it in with your house plants (break it up first).

Should I wash my charcoal?
No, it’s already washed and can be used immediately.

What else can I add to the water with my charcoal stick?
You shouldn’t add anything else to the water you want to filter with a charcoal stick, this includes fruit, herbs, teas or infusions.

*Sources from Black & Blum – experts in water filtration & sustainability solutions

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