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All mums love chocolate, healthy chocolate that is!

Do you need a last-minute gift for your mum this Mothering Sunday? If she has a sweet tooth – she is not alone as most of us do – we stock a wide variety of chocolates to suit all tastes and diets. We only buy good quality chocolate and seeing as your mum deserves the best we suggest:

Conscious Chocolate’s mission is to make the world aware that chocolate can be delicious and healthy. Not only is their chocolate mouthwateringly sensational but it’s also handmade, raw, organic and free from pesticides, dairy, soy, gluten and refined sugars. It is only sweetened with agave nectar and suitable for vegetarians, vegans, raw foodies and is diabetic-friendly. They offer a flavour to suit all tastes and moods.

Most people say that once they have tried Willies Cacao, or Willies Chocolate, they never go back. Made from fine cacao beans bought straight from farmers, which are then roasted in antique ball roasters in Devon, then just raw cane sugar and natural cocoa butter are added – no soya lecithin or vanilla – absolutely nothing else to take the flavour of the natural bean away. The result is sensational tasting dark chocolate, and the best news is, you only need a small amount to fix your chocolate craving!

We recently added Monty Bojangles to our list too as we couldn’t resist these delicious truffles that grab your attention in their gloriously coloured boxes – the perfect gift and treat. Monty Bojangles believe that those precious me-moments throughout the day are perfected with one of their curiously extraordinary scoffable truffles. Have them indulgently dipped in your morning coffee. Allow them to slowly melt in your mouth for 5 wondrous minutes in a mid-afternoon moment of peace, or savour while cuddled up on the sofa during that cherished hour to yourself at the end of the day. Each delicious truffle is uniquely flavoured, light and delicate while remaining richly and intensely chocolatey!