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Come on, just do it…

Yes it is freezing outside, yes it is much easier to stay warm and cosy inside and yes it is the start of the weekend tomorrow and in your head you are thinking of a lie in. But if you knew how good you would feel after a run, jog or brisk walk in the fresh air, you would jump out of bed, put your favourite fitness clothes and trainers on and join a whole bunch of other people who know and love the benefits of exercising outside at Jersey parkrun.

Every Saturday at 9am you can join up to 250 runners and run 5km from Les Quennevais Sports Centre. There is a huge range of ages and abilities so you mustn’t feel that you are not a good or fast enough runner, everyone runs at their own pace.

Running with so many people gives you more incentive and with the added motivation you receive along the way, your weekend starts on an amazing adrenaline high followed by a big smile that comes with a sense of accomplishment.

What you waiting for? Register now and grab your running shoes for the morning.


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