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The healthiest cooking oil

Royal Green Coconut Cream is 100% odourless and 100% cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil from certified organic farming. It’s a super healthy oil that retains all its good qualities when heated and ideal to use instead of olive oil. While baking, roasting, stir-frying or frying, no harmful ingredients or free radicals are formed. The coconut cream is easily digestible and without trans fats. It is also a great substitute for butter and very rich in lauric acid.

Royal Green provides you with the following guarantees:
• Certified organic
• Odourless taste
• 0% trans fats
• Contains up to 56% lauric acid

Royal Green uses absolutely no chemicals, preservatives, synthetic sweeteners or flavour enhancers and is 100% vegetarian.

We are offering two 500ml jars for only £9.99 whilst stocks last.