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Chocolate and Love!

When you pick up a bar of Chocolate and Love organic chocolate, you are not only about to indulge in one of the best tasting chocolate, but you also experience the luxurious quality and ethically made goodness at an affordable price.

Chocolate and Love have won Great Taste Awards for every flavour in their range – we now stock all the flavours so you can give each a try:

• Panama 80% – dark Chocolate

• Rich Dark 71% – dark chocolate

• Mint 67% – dark chocolate with peppermint crunch

• Orange 65% – dark chocolate with orange

• Coffee 55% – dark chocolate with Arabica coffee

• Sea salt 55% – dark chocolate with caramel & sea salt

• Creamy dark 55% – creamy dark chocolate with cacao nibs

• Pomegranate 70% – dark chocolate with pomegranate and almond

All ingredients are certified organic and are 100% traceability to the source.

Not only is the packaging beautiful to look at, but it is also produced on paper that is 100% Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, so in some small part is contributing to the global drive for responsible forest management. The silver inside wrapper is biodegradable and is produced with materials made from sustainably harvested wood.

Treat yourself or someone you love today.