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If your digestion is in question, Donat Mg is nature’s answer

Magnesium is one of the most important minerals and is essential for good health. It helps reduce tiredness and fatigue, supports the balance of electrolytes, muscle function, nervous system and promotes healthy bones and teeth.

Experts have determined that the recommended daily dose of magnesium for adults is 375 mg, which most people are not getting. Donat Mg, a natural mineral water from the springs of Rogaška Slatina in Slovenia, can help meet this daily requirement.

Donat Mg has a beneficial effect on the digestion (it has been clinically proven) and its high content of hydrogen carbonates can help relieve heartburn and constipation and is very safe to take during pregnancy.

Drinking warm water Donat Mg, quickly and all at once, in the morning, on an empty stomach, has a favourable effect on the digestion system. To ensure that you drink it the right way, at the right moments to achieve the best results, download their app. Experts from Rogaška Medical Centre designed the therapies in the app, where Donat Mg has been successfully used to relieve health problems for centuries.

We now stock this beneficial drink, pop in to give your digestion a helping hand the natural way.