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Build your strength with MaxiNutrition

Are you training towards a challenge? Or are you a regular gym goer? Or are you thinking ‘I need to get fit and start exercising?’ If so then you will need a high quality protein to add to your daily calorific intake.

MaxiNutrition, Europe’s number one nutrition supplier, offer the highest registered products that are free from banned substances.

We stock their Cyclone, Promax Lean, Promax Extreme and Progain products which are all available in shakes and bars.

CYCLONE is an all-in-one shake designed to meet the specific needs of serious exercisers. If you’re pushing yourself in training, the targeted nutrients in a tub of Cyclone can help you push harder.

PROMAX EXTREME is targeted to the high performers and every serving is specially designed to provide fast acting and slow release proteins.

Whether your goal is based on sporting performance or self-confidence, MaxiNutrition will give you that kick start you need to see results.