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Monty Bojangels – Curiously Moreish!

Life is a constant balance and if you’re working on a 70% to 30% ratio of mostly goodness in all areas then you are doing fabulously – we are all human right and every now again we have to do, eat and drink what we enjoy. When we do indulge it is always necessary to stay mindful of what you’re consuming.

If you’re downfall is chocolate – you are not alone as there are a lot of us who can’t resist its sweet temptation – make sure it is a good quality bar. We stock a wide variety of chocolates to suit all tastes and diets. And we have just added Monty Bojangles to our list as we couldn’t resist these delicious truffles that grab your attention in their gloriously coloured boxes – the perfect festive treat.

Monty Bojangles believe that those precious me-moments throughout the day are perfected with one of their curiously extraordinary scoffable truffles. Have them indulgently dipped in your morning coffee. Allow them to slowly melt in your mouth for 5 wondrous minutes in a mid afternoon moment of peace, or savour while cuddled up on the sofa during that cherished hour to yourself at the end of the day. Each delicious truffle is uniquely flavoured, light and delicate while remaining richly and intensely chocolatey!

There is a flavour for everyone and who wouldn’t appreciate a box of these for Christmas?