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Soak your oats!

Breakfast that’s ready to eat when you get up? What’s not to like? With the weather warming up you may not fancy hot porridge for your breakfast. We suggest you start to soak your oats overnight instead to make a cool, creamy and delicious bowl of goodness that will be ready straight from the fridge.

Oats provide magnesium, fibre, plant-based protein, potassium, and they contain absolutely no sugar. This makes them a true virtue for healthy morning meals and they are as cheap as chips too. But some people find oats especially hard to digest, even gluten-free oats.

As the oats soak overnight (either in non-dairy milk or non-dairy yoghurt), their digestibility improves greatly. Their starches break down which improves digestibility and their natural phytic acid (which all plants contain) is greatly reduced that makes them more easily absorbed by your body.

Basic recipe that you can adapt to suit your taste and your mood:

• 1/2 cup rolled oats

• 1 cup non-dairy milk or yoghurt

• 2 tbsp nuts and/or seeds

• 1 tsp cinnamon (or other spices like cardamom or vanilla extract)

• 1-2 tsp honey or your favourite natural sweetener

• fresh or frozen berries

• grated apple or pear

• mashed banana

Put it all in a jar or bowl, give it a shake or a stir, cover and leave to do it’s magic whilst you sleep.

We have a variety of oats, including gluten-free, along with a wide choice of non-dairy milk – soy, almond, coconut and rice – and we also have a fantastic range of non-dairy yoghurts. And with the range of toppings we offer, you simply can’t get bored with making and eating your soaked oats. Mix it up with chopped dried fruit and nuts, seeds, honey, agave nectar, coconut sugar, superfood powders, nut-butters – the options are endless.

You will be jumping out of bed to eat your yummy breakfast straight from the fridge!

Enjoy 🙂