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Wake up to aroma with Amour Natural

Love essential oils? Need a boost to get you through the winter days? Then you are going to love the new ultrasonic electric diffuser from Amour Natural. By adding your favourite essential oil and a dash of water, this clever invention not only creates an aromatic environment, but the oil and water together produce a fragrant energising mist. It also acts as an ionizer – improves the quality of the air – and a mini-humidifier. And there are seven different coloured light options, or opt for no light.

The Amour Natural’s Ultrasonic Oil Aroma Diffuser is not only beneficial to use in your home, but also in your workplace. Especially when you use Amour Natural’s May Chang essential oil for its uplifting, calming and citrus boost.

We have a limited number of diffusers now in store, we also stock a wide selection of Amour Natural’s essential oils – we have an oil to aid all moods and ailments.