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Discover the world’s natural super food magic!

PROTO-COL health and beauty is fast becoming a household name in the UK and across Europe.  Not only are the company’s ethics of producing luxury, high quality but affordable products putting them in high demand, but the positive results that are being reported back by the customers are outstanding.

Green Magic Powder is a powerful combination of superfoods blended to supply you the same nutrients as recommended in the daily portions of fruits and vegetables. Made with all natural ingredients, this supplement is great for fitness enthusiasts looking to support exercising regime and diet.


Green Magic is also suitable for adults, teenagers, children and pregnant women, you can even give it to your pets to help keep their joints and cardiovascular system healthy. Each serving contains less than 15 calories and can be mixed with water, or with fruit juice and fresh fruit to make a healthy smoothie. Alternatively, it makes a great tasting drink when mixed with milk or plant-based milk. Suitable for vegetarians, Green Magic is gluten and GM free and contains no chemicals, artificial hormones, heavy metals, pesticides, preservatives, sugar, nitrites or any artificial ingredient.

We have a wide selection of PROTO-COL products in store and the Green Magic Powder is available in two sizes.