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Study backs benefits of multivitamins

Taking multivitamin and mineral supplements significantly increases nutrient intakes and decreases nutrient deficiencies, a new study has found.

The US study, which was published in Nutrients, found that people who took a multivitamin or mineral supplement for 21 or more days per month eliminated most nutrient inadequacies. The findings were particularly notable for ‘under-consumed’ nutrients such as vitamin A and iron.

Dr Carrie Ruxton, from the Health and Food Supplements Information Service said: “This study is really important in setting the record straight on the value of multivitamins and minerals. We know these nutrients are key to our health and wellbeing and low levels have been shown to have negative health impacts.

Unfortunately, all too often it is said that you can get all the nutrition you need from a healthy, balanced diet. But this ignores how most people actually eat. A lot of people don’t consume the full-spectrum of micronutrients needed to support optimum health.”

She added: “Topping up the diet with a daily multivitamin and mineral plus an omega-3 supplement will help to counteract potential dietary shortfalls and assist people in reaching the recommended levels of key nutrients which we all need to support good health.”

The article is taken from Your Healthy Living Magazine.