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Take out the sting, the natural way

It does seem unfair that when we want to be making the most of the beautiful hot weather insect bites can ruin it. We all hate them, of course, we are talking about mosquitos, and we are sure that you have been kept awake this week too with trying to avoid them, find them and kill them! The results of a bite can be sore, not to mention annoying, but there are a few natural products that can help.

Mosi-guard Natural Insect Repellent Spray is a powerful and natural insect repellent that is recommended for adults and children from 3 months of age. This natural repellent roll-on protects against biting insects that include the most common, mosquitoes but also against ticks, midges and leeches.

When trials have been carried out using Mosi-guard Natural, it has shown that it gives effective protection for up to 10 hours after a single application.

Mosi-guard Natural Insect Repellent Roll-On contains 30% Citriodiol (oil of lemon eucalyptus) and is DEET free (synthetic chemical and powerful solvent), has a fresh zingy smell to it and has been flying off our shelves – no pun intended!

Increasing your intake of vitamin B1 as it is known to give off a scent that mosquitos don’t like, reducing your chances of being bitten. The theory is, taking more vitamin B1 than your body requires causes the excess to be excreted through your urine, skin, and sweat. Vitamin B1 produces a skin odour that female mosquitoes seem to find offensive. This vitamin is water-soluble, and there is no danger of toxicity – even at high doses – so it is safe to take.

Once you have been bitten the aim is to stop the irritation and inflammation, here is a list of some herbs and other natural agents that are soothing to the skin – many have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties:

Aloe Vera contains more than 130 active compounds and 34 amino acids that are beneficial to your skin. The vitamins and minerals found in aloe vera will help to reduce the pain, swelling and itching. On top of that, it will also help the bite heal faster and act as a moisturiser.

Apple Cider Vinegar can also help but avoid if the skin is broken. Soak a piece of cotton wool and apply to the infected area. Or add two to three cups to your bath and soak for 30 minutes; the acidity helps relieve itching.

Calendula is a fantastic soothing option if bitten. It can help to reduce the itching and inflammation; it also has great rejuvenating properties.

Cucumbers are one of the best and cheapest cooling agents and can help reduce swelling as well as soothing.

Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils for its calming scent, and it is as antimicrobial as it is soothing. Either crush up some fresh herb and apply directly to the bite or buy the essential oil.

Lemon and lime both have anti-itch, antibacterial and antimicrobial actions, avoid applying citrus juices to your skin when outdoors, as blistering can occur when exposed to sunlight.

Peppermint offers a cooling sensation can block other sensations, such as itching, and provide temporary relief; either crushed fresh leaves or the essential oil.

Tea Tree Oil is extremely helpful for healing cuts, burns, infections, and a multitude of other skin afflictions. It is also a good antimicrobial and antifungal treatment for bites.

Witch Hazel made into a paste with baking soda, and applied directly to the bite will reduce swelling.

We hope some of these remedies help you and your family this summer. Please pop in store for a chat if would like more information.